Repair & Overhaul for Electrical Accessories and Instruments

Instrument Repair and Overhaul

Airspeed Indicators

— Mach Airspeed

— Max Allowable


— Cabin Alt./Diff. Pressure

— Encoding Altimeters

— Servoed Altimeters

Attitude Indicators

EPR Indicators

Fuel Flow/Fuel Used Indicators

Fuel Quantity Indicators

Directional Gyros

Horizontal Situation Indicators


— N1, N2, PROP

— Rotor/Engine

Temperature Indicators


Torque Indicators


Accessory Repair and Overhaul


Blowers and Fan Motors


Generator Control Units


Anti-Collision Lights/Beacons


Power Supplies


T.D. Amplifiers


Voltage Regulators

Starter Generators



Autopilot Systems

— Couplers

— Flight Computers

— Gyros

— Servos




Weather Radar


Welcome to Freedom Aero Service Inc.

An FAA and EASA Approved Repair Station

Founded in July 2008, Freedom Aero Service specializes in the repair and overhaul of aircraft components, specifically electrical and electronic accessories and instruments. We also offer sales of these aviation products to civil and government organizations. The company's MRO business is focused on business jets and helicopters.

Our mission is to provide a quality product and a level of service that will place Freedom Aero Service at the top of its industry.

newLocationClickNow Two Locations to Serve You!

We are pleased to announce our new Repair Station location in Hamilton, Ohio, which puts Freedom in a better geographical position to serve the Upper Midwest and East Coast regions. Our customers can now look forward to increased repair cababilities, as well as a wide range of popular avionics products for exchange and outright sale.

Expanding Capabilities (Link)

At Freedom Aero Service our capabilities are expanding at a rapid rate. We now service more than 400 part numbers. Please be sure to check our capabilities on a regular basis to see what has been recently added.

New Products (Link)

Please be sure to check out our Products page. Here we highlight  products developed by us to help make your job easier or unique products we have for sale. Check our Products page on a regular basis to see what has been recently added by clicking on the Services link at the top of this page.

Special Services (Link)

Freedom Aero Service is continually developing product improvements and money saving processes. Check out our Special Services page by clicking on the Services link at the top of this page.

Knowledgeable Staff

Freedom Aero Service's knowledgeable staff has over 150 years of combined experience. They are highly skilled in every element of instrument and accessory sales and service for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

IA Renewal Seminar

IA Renewal Seminar: Starter Generator Brush Check and Change. Click to download. (PDF)

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